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Shouting words that mean nothing,
and lacking true substance,
they wander the country side.
They have an agenda, and execute it well.
They even manage to convince
the people they have their interests at heart.
They even manage to convince
some people the agenda is their interests.
The truth is, neither is true,
yet both serve them well.
What do we call them?
Some call them vampires,
some call them thieves,
some call them snakes,
and some call them demons.
It doesn't matter what their called,
because when they spread their
staccato speeches that mean nothing
the people love it.

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    Drew Martyn about 5 years ago

    Scarily allegorical. Lovely drabble, nice one.

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    Horrorshow about 5 years ago

    Score a vote from me. Very nicely done, Brandon.

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    Brandon Sutton about 5 years ago

    Thanks to you both!

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