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Most of the time, I fall victim to corrosive redundancy.

Furthermore, a great deal of the time, I suffer from repeating myself in a terrible manner.

Also, I quite often am plagued by a thoroughly upsetting reiterating of previously stated information.

Additionally, I, with astounding frequency, lose out to the fact that I echo things already mentioned, and do so very badly.

By the same coin, the commonly prevailing truth is that I tend to offer only that which I've cited before, a tragic flaw.

But on occasion, I can triumphantly declare a pleasing statement completely different than those before.

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    Drew Martyn about 6 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyable read, a superb, original idea and well constructed. Top marks!! :) Thanks for sharing this work of art.

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    Brandon Sutton about 6 years ago

    Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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    op ruoho about 6 years ago

    Awesome; I have been feeling this way lately and can relate. =)

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    Horrorshow about 6 years ago

    Cleverly written.

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    Brandon Sutton about 6 years ago

    Thanks to you both!

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