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Shocked as Anthony was, it only heightened his curiosity. This made the prospect finding this "Livingroom Hush" irresistible, so Anthony decided to follow him. Without any quick way to travel, the young man gave him a spare skateboard of one of the other skateboarders. He had little idea how to even ride one, but since they weren't doing anything too hard, Anthony did fine after a short lesson on the basics. Riding through alleyways and down old streets, Anthony seen a side of the city he never had before. It looked dark like an abyss ready to swallow him whole.

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    Brandon Sutton over 4 years ago

    This is part of the same series as the other 9 parts with the "A Livingroom Hush" in it, in case that was confusing. The title was just so long because of the name of the song that I couldn't fit it all, and I felt like the "A Livingroom Hush Pt. _" was more important.

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