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“I see you brought the brains of the operation today,” said Jim from his desk.
Big sister Sarah rolled her eyes. Little sister Daisy beamed. Dad said, “Sarah, watch your sister while I go talk to Jim a minute.” And then, “Don’t touch anything.”

Sarah turned to Daisy and pointed at the door painted on the wall.
“Don’t touch anything,” Sarah said, “or get put behind the door.”
“Liar,” huffed Daisy.
“Try it,” she laughed.
“That door’s not real,” Daisy said.
Sarah leaned in. “Try it.” She smacked Daisy’s pigtail. Daisy smacked Sarah’s arm, just as Dad turned around.


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    Neville Hunt about 7 years ago

    I'm on Daisy's side. But Sarah's smart; she knows the importance of timing...and her Dad!

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    Melanie almost 7 years ago

    @Nevelle - big sisters know how to get their little sisters in trouble.
    @L. Michelle - I was the big sister, but my little sister perfected this trouble technique. Grrr! But it's how I learned that the one who reacts is the one who gets caught. It's a valuable lesson.

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