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Railowsky’s zoo was once a popular place for families, but as time went on less and less people showed up, and eventually it went bankrupt. The entrance to the zoo still stood tall, and old ladders and tires still sat on the ground, drowning in puddles. One day, a man who used to work at the zoo came back to visit, admiring the sign and the run-down walls. He stood there for hours, reminiscing on his old job. Before long, the old bell tower on a faraway hill rang, signifying that it was 9am- he was late for work!

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    Neville Hunt over 3 years ago

    It rang-utang 🔔

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    Frenchie over 3 years ago

    Nice Drabble. Welcome to our corner. I love the nostalgia depicted.

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    Jamie Clapperton almost 3 years ago

    Feeling wistful with him. Wonder what happened to the animals? Hope he keeps his job! ☺

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