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Then virtues, now a vice?
Never a virtue, only a vice?

Imagine your 5-year-old self blindfolded and hunting your friends in the game of hide and seek.
Do you think you knew who tapped your shoulder if it was Big Billy, Smart Sean, Funny Freya, Jealous James, Dark Darell?
They were the same, neutral, and you visionless, dissolved in the vividness vindicating victorious giggles. Now a vignette.

I wish we were still blindfolded.
Be colorless as water.

Everybody loves this color, but not when...
The quote- Black is everyone's favorite but not when it comes to Skin

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    Christopher 10 months ago

    Alliteration seems to be effortless with you now!

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    VerityAlways 10 months ago

    Hahaha, Thank you, Christopher!
    I needed to try something new. I'm pretty sure it's getting nauseous!

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