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The Brutes are not Mute Channel #5


Hello and Welcome.
We discovered that the Anti-Repellant group's tiniest fraction but powerful 'Mosquivillites' got awarded.
Tom and Hooter went on Mission "Moq". Guess who got mocked? Their swarm exorcised Tom, but well done, Hooter!

Their speech,
"We are proud pioneers of the 'Swat Escape Model' be it hand, fly swatters, spatulas, books, boots. Our model has 98% accuracy.
Nothing deterred us. Our revenge- ears, back, knuckles, feet and between the toes. Delicious!
But we pity most with candles, oils and blue lights, but we love when some go crazy on 'Why Me?'; we say, 'Smell you!"

Stay tuned.

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