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The art critic pursed his lips. He enjoyed his private viewing of any new painting, time to analyse work in a new exhibition. Such a pleasure.

This particular canvas was a newly-discovered work by the much-beloved Picasso. A Metropolitan art expert confirmed it genuine, its provenance undisputed, the piece obliquely referred to in correspondence, the significance unrecognised until the work came to market; worth millions.

A fine portrait of a cobalt face in a woollen hat flopping forward, defiantly cubist, harking back to his Blue Period.

He just wished the catalogue hadn't described it as Picasso's "Smurf Period".

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    Frenchie almost 7 years ago

    Hahaha, thanks for the smile Tony. A good one, I love the seriousness of the beginning and... the twist at the end :D

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    Tony Spencer almost 7 years ago

    Thanks, Frenchie, appreciate your comment, it was certainly fun to write. I wanted it to sound serious and somewhat learned, with ana sense of aesthetic pain in the final line.

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    Drew Martyn almost 7 years ago

    Brilliant Tony, I really wasn't expecting that end, had me in stitches :)

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    Julie almost 7 years ago

    Ha, ha! Great drabble, Tony.

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    Thomas Andersen over 6 years ago

    The set up, the catch! The humor! Loved every bit!

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    Neville Hunt about 6 years ago

    Took me by surprise. Love it. Thanks Tony.

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