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Dear Isabella,

Arrived safely, after leaving Canaries, due West 2000 miles to the Indies. Very windy, diverted to San Salvador, definitely Windy Indies! Damned tour company lost a third of my baggage, huh! That neat little Santa Maria package you envied, contained my strides, so went out and bought some Bermuda shorts. Yeah, I know, white legs! I looked like a right banana boat tourist.

Tell Ferdinand the foods not as spicy as hoped for, will definitely opt for 'inclusive' next vacation. Bringing back some local duty free dark rum.

See you in Castile next week.

Ciao baby!

Chris (Columbus)

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    Frenchie about 8 years ago

    hehehe, thanks for the smile. early in the morning. Excellent! :)

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    Julie about 8 years ago

    Nice one!

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    April Parker about 8 years ago

    Wonderful Tony!

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    Bryan Thomas about 8 years ago

    Great twist, Tony!

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