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I saw him long before he saw me, if he ever did. It was prejudice on my part, a judgement on all his kind. Hate it was, that such a creature exists. Put on this earth to infuriate me.

I felt the anger build as I got closer and realised what he was. Hate leads to rage. Why should we suffer such creatures?

He wasn't even aware of me as I approached. Gently does it, I nudged him, spun him round, he lost it completely, rolled over and over. He was crippled in my wake.

I hate middle lane hoggers.

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    John Moralee about 8 years ago

    Good delivery of the joke. Thanks for spotting that typo in my last drabble, Tony. I corrected it after you noticed. Thanks! You have my voted for this story.

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    John Moralee about 8 years ago

    Uh-oh. Added a 'd' to the word 'vote' there!

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    Geraldine Messin about 8 years ago

    good fun :)

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    Horrorshow about 8 years ago

    Haha! Good work, Tony! :-D

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    Brandon Sutton about 8 years ago

    A more true drabble has ever been written. ;) Hilarious story; I loved every bit of it!

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    Bryan Thomas about 8 years ago


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