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Dr. Adam Strong knows a lot about Quarks. The fundamental subatomic particles that make up protons and neutrons, which in turn make up atomic nuclei.

He knows that through Quantum Chromodynamics they form into any one of six 'flavours,' in three paired groups: Up/Down, Strange/Charm and Top/Bottom.

Adam and his wife, Gabriella, another theoretical physicist at the LHC at Cern, have recently switched to a Vegan diet, but as healthy as it may be Adam is bored with the same plain soft cheese

'Honey! You do know this contravenes Einstein's Theory Of Special Relativity, yeah?

'This quark has NO flavour!'

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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    He certainly got that right! Nice one Shaun.

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    shaun about 3 years ago

    Cheers, Chap.

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    shaun about 3 years ago

    Cheers Drew. I'm going to try and continue along a scientific vein, at least until they become trite and contrived and...Oh dear! I may have hit that already. Thanks all the same.

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