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So I'm back.
After three long years.
Through fears and jeers
Through a million tears.
I'm finally back.

I've been out there.
Stuck in the wordless void.
A mental block like steel.
The bookshelf sat bare.

I had nothing to say.
No spark for the page.
No letters and words of intent.
Silence for day after day.

The fog hung thick.
I was totally lost.

But then a word hit the page.
For the first time in an age.
The years of woe falling away.
I've shattered my agèd cage.

So tell the world I'm back to drabble once more.

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    Frenchie almost 3 years ago

    And welcome back! Love the poem. Poetry has always been my first love! You know, I can totally relate to this. I am glad you shattered the cage. Please, do not stay away.

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    Welcome back Peter from me too. A great re-entry contribution. I thought I hadn’t seen you for some time. I hope you’ve been OK other than word-strapped? Look forward to reading more.

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