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My trusty light. It knew exactly how to find me. No one else notices how it seeps out of the walls when I need it. I'll bet it goes from room to room to find me. I wonder why the others are looking at me, so intently?
It's only mine!

Maniacal laughter blurts out as if vomit all over me. Why is my light laughing at me, what is funny? I scream, "GO AWAY, GET AWAY FROM ME!"

"No, no nurse Mary, please not the needle please!"

"Light how could you betray me, how?" Slumber sets in only seconds away.

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    Brandon Sutton almost 10 years ago

    A rather startling and frightening story! Nice job!

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    Horrorshow almost 10 years ago

    Scary stuff indeed! I can picture Nurse Mary with that needle...

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    Kathy almost 10 years ago

    Thanks... I actually do have this as a whole story, so if I can learn with this, someday I'd like to get the "mad woman" lol, pieced together into an actual drable book! I like the idea Nurse Mary.. whose to know what goes on in the "madwoman's" head.. would she have a name or only a face! Thanks to you both!

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    Bryan Thomas almost 10 years ago

    Disturbingly good.

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