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Wasteland Tales #9


Floating in darkness, voices whisper in his mind. Knowledge, secret, ancient, drips into his subconscious.
Then- light. Sudden, terrible light, spearing into eyes that have never opened before.
The tank breaks. The nutrient solution that buoyed him up spills thickly onto the floor. The feeding tubes withdraw from his pale flesh and he drops to the floor like a landed fish, coughing green fluid from his lungs.
Muscles that have never been used, only maintained, push him to his knees.
Where am I?
In a thick shard of glass, he sees his reflection for the first time.
Who am I?

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    Jonathan Mills over 7 years ago

    This series focuses on four characters, at least 2 of which are not initially identified by name. All stories related to this character are now tagged "Lizard".

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