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First Son #19


He stood in the endless wastes, and called his brothers. They came, monstrous, shambling wreckage blinking in the light.

As they gathered around him, he reached out with his new power, touched their minds and souls.

“I give you freedom,” he told them. And they were free.

“I give you hope,” he said. And they knew hope for the first time.

“Follow me,” he said.

And they followed.

It was a new beginning. For him, and his followers, it was the birth of a new world.

For the masters, and He Who Devours All, it was how the end began.

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    Jonathan Mills over 7 years ago

    This series begins with "The Lucky Ones".

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    Jonathan Mills about 7 years ago

    Thanks Jamie, glad you enjoyed it. Adapted this series from an equally disturbing short story I wrote after reading 14 by Peter Clines, which I enjoyed immensely. If you haven't read 14, it's worth a look, kind of modern with a Lovecraftian flavour. Thanks again.

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