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Magic #170


"Ere! Don't'chu goin pokin'er now!"

Minerva was groggy from the display of power the night before, so the words floated in the dark.

"I ain'tnt goin ta be pokin' anybody Lizzybeth. Poor lass is jus'asleep is all."

"She lookin' deader'n dead I be finkin'"

"Oh shaddap woman! She's jus' sleepin' I tells ya!"

"She's one'a them there witchin's the queen has in'er army. Look'it all the dead stuff'ere! There's bit's'a snake all over. Not to mention all the trees from 'ere to tut'road!"

Sleepily, Minerva slowly opened her eyes.

"Ere? Are you a'right missy? Anyfin' we can do fer ya?"

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