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Magic #140


"Oh my! I haven't seen one of these in nearly a thousand years!"

As it approached the group, the man inside the cage hissed and clanked as he railed against the bars of his cage.

Amethyst sat down and peered through the bars as the cart stopped in front of them.

The man wasn't a man. Underneath the ragged clothes the skin hung loose, revealing filigree iron metalwork. Artisan nuts and rivets, over precision gears levers and hissing pipework.

It reached and scrabbled for the dragon, intent on getting to her but unable to understand the bars blocking its way.

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    Christopher almost 3 years ago

    Wow, that's a twist. Glad to see you and this story back, Jeff. Keep 'em coming.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 3 years ago

    Yes. I am alive! I promised I'd be back to the site admin who got in contact with me earlier in the year. Which was incredibly heart-warming and affirming.

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    Welcome back indeed, Jeff. I’m pleased to hear that site admin (Michael I guess) contacted you. It’s been kinda lonely here without you, Drew, Lisa and others. But loss of mojo during this Covid stuff appears to have been widespread.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 3 years ago

    There's been a lot happening... Personal general malaise, dad has leukemia and now needs extra care, trying to dodge the plague, getting jabbed, wife working from home... I felt tired and when I hadn't been here in a while I genuinely felt uncomfortable in not being able to "Produce content" I know it's pretty relaxed around here, but that's how felt. That got worse the more I stayed away, then I got that email from the site owner and realised what I was doing. A self-reinforcing cycle that's taken a while to sort out. Something many people have to deal with.

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    Jamie Clapperton over 2 years ago

    Glad you're back drabbling Jeff! ;-)

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    Neville Hunt over 2 years ago

    Hear, hear! (What Jamie said)

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    Jeff Taylor over 2 years ago

    Thanks all 😊

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