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Magic #96


Amethyst got up and leaned over the monk standing next to Barnabas. "Right then! Where's my room?" The monk looked along Amethyst's muzzle and into her eyes, terror gripping his insides.

"Th... Thi..."

"Spit it out, man!"

The monk started to shake uncontrollably as Barnabas bowed. "Allow me to show you Mistress Amethyst." He nodded at the monk, and then in the direction of the monastery. The monk bowed and then streaked across the grounds and through the giant doors to illusory safety.

Amethyst ambled behind Barnabas. "You have a nice place here fox."

"Thank you mistress Amethyst. Greatly appreciated."

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    Jeff Taylor almost 4 years ago

    Let's face it. Upsetting Amethyst is probably a life limiting thing to do 😉

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    Christopher almost 4 years ago

    I agree, a wonderful description.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 4 years ago

    Thank you, Christopher! 😄

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