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"How many times do I have to tell you! Don't provoke the humans!"

"But dad!"

"Don't you 'But Dad' me! Do you remember what happened when your auntie accidently-on-purpose let them 'Discover' interstellar travel?"

"Yeah, but..."

"No! No buts! You're auntie is doing time in a black-hole event horizon detention zone, and we have a human infestation spreading across an entire spiral arm of the galaxy."

"But I just..."

"I know what you did. You tried to start an interstellar war between the humans and the Chokrali investiture. Don't make me repeat myself...

Don't provoke the humans!"

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Haha those pesky kids eh? And even more pesky humans! Great drabble Jeff :)

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    Jeff Taylor over 4 years ago

    Thanks Drew. Your series' are bombing along at a pace too ;)

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Thanks Jeff. I feel and ending looming soon :)

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