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Can you tell?

I'm sitting here, feeling sick. My left side is beginning to turn numb. So I'm slowly losing control yet again.

Just like Marvin the Paranoid Android, and all the diodes down his left side.

Well. Not quite. A dodgy connection in my brain. Oh the irony. Those few tiny neurones freaking out because the pressure is dropping. And so, while I slowly lose the ability to say words properly, or even stand up straight without shaking like a palsied old man, the typed words flow.

I'm making mistakes typing this. More than usual. But I still can...

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    George Stephens over 6 years ago

    Hope you are doing better!

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    Jeff Taylor over 6 years ago

    Thanks George. Yeah. Just exhausted today. So it's passing. :)

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    Jeff Taylor over 6 years ago

    The war isn't over, but I take each battle as it comes. It's just more inconvenient than anything else. When it gets really bad, I'm "Not here" if that makes any sense. The closest description is being blind drunk. There's little to remember afterwards. :)

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