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"Seriously, it was amazing."

"You went inside? Are you crazy?!"

"Only had a peek. Place was freaky as hell. All these bone thingies on the corridor walls and stuff."

"Oh jeez."

"Oh! And there was this hole in one of the floors. I think it was in the control room. There was this big alien, like, welded to his telescope."

"Oh, tell me you didn't..."

"Well, I'd gone that far. Couldn't resist! Popped down there. Place was full of big assed eggy things."

"Eggy things..."

"Well, I wasn't going down there. I've seen Alien. So we got out'n nuked it."

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Nuke....that's no yoke!

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    Jeff Taylor over 5 years ago

    Thanks guys :)

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    Jeff Taylor over 5 years ago

    Oh. And best read with Bob and Teddy's voices from "Bob's Burgers" in your head. Start with Teddy ;)

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