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"What is it sergeant?"

"There's an unusual RF signature being detected by a mid-Atlantic sonder buoy sir."

"Unusual how?"

"Well, if I didn't know better sir, I'd say it was a fusion signature. I did some work with a Stellarator in Princeton before they shut it down. This has a similar radio frequency signature."

"Should I be concerned?"

"The Princeton Stellarator only ever managed a few seconds of operation. There's one in Germany that I think has done a few minutes. This signature started thirty minutes ago."

"I am concerned. Someone get the admiralty on the line right now!"

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    I had to look up the Stellarator, thought you'd made that word up, but it's fascinating reading.

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    Jeff Taylor over 4 years ago

    Oh yeah. I try and keep up with all the cool toys Drew ;) The new one in Germany is particularly interesting. :)

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