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I reached out and touched it.

Fighting every single instinct that screamed at me to curl up like a tiny, frightened, mammal until it went away.

I reached out... And touched it.

I felt the cool texture of the wall, paint, almost the colour. But behind it, the shadow slithered. Cold quantum possibilities. Some... thing, from somewhere else, was brushing up against the thin veil of reality. And I could see its shadow, writhing against the wall as if it were frosted glass.

The room was getting colder as the shadow gained definition. It was getting closer. Whatever it was.

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    Liz Milne almost 6 years ago

    Very Yellow Wallpaper-ish! Nice one :)

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    Jeff Taylor almost 6 years ago

    I wasn't aware of "The Yellow Wallpaper" Elizabeth. Just looked it up. :)

    Mine, I think, is a touch more literal, and a lot less psychological ;)

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    Drew Martyn almost 6 years ago

    Nice one Jeff. A bit of Cthulhu influence too, maybe? Scary and atmospheric :)

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    Jeff Taylor almost 6 years ago

    Thanks Drew :)

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