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The day is here, that time of year when the day and the night balance on equal footing. The leaves have started their descent into death with their fiery display of colors and we walk slowly through their crispy forms underfoot.

The pumpkins on the vine, apples on the bough, I just want to spend my days baking and enjoying the crisp air that comes from this time of year. Such a short time we have to enjoy the bounty of the fields and forest. Come with me and dance around the bonfire on the night of the Autumnal equinox.

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    This is lovely- speaks to a simpler and more natural calling of life. Very comforting and so refreshing to read such a positive drabble, thank you for sharing with me

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    It is such a short time, you are right.

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