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The sky is a deep gray as the storm comes toward me. I sit on the flats, letting the waves wash gently over my feet and watch it come. The sky lights up in flashes of pure white energy, so close, yet far enough away that I am safe.

I am safer for sure than those who live in the city across the bay. The lightening strikes them over and over. Unnatural yet beautiful, as I sit and watch it explode across the nighttime sky. How much longer till the manmade storm moves across the bay? Soon I will know.

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    Horrorshow over 8 years ago

    One is left to wonder why the protagonist is so unafraid of the man made storm. They seem to welcome the destruction it brings...

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    Bryan Thomas over 8 years ago

    I was totally there!

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    K.Z. Morano over 8 years ago

    manmade storm... intriguing... and i liked the vivid descriptions :)

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