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We are out of Rambosian oats. That’s what every store told me: no Rambosian oats. Try Hendrick’s, maybe he has them. Mr. Hendricks: “I told you already: shipment delayed, won’t come in ‘til next Friday. Buy something we have, or get out before I throw you out! There’s plenty else you can eat.”
“I need those oats, sir. I don’t think you understand!”
“No, I don’t. Strange accent... where you from?”
“Rambosia. I’m transporting a shipment of native wildlife that will...”
“Starve? Sorry, I really am.”
“No, they’ll go berserk. They’re already tearing apart my hull.”
Now he looks concerned.

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    Kimberly about 7 years ago

    This is almost where it is going.........

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