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Flashback: Six days ago. Apollo and I tried out the ball for our disappearing routine. He wanted to go topside and get on writing the plot: “Flash they can get anywhere, but we bring the drama,” he always said.
“How does the ball work, Apollo?”
“Can’t tell you. It’s secret.”
“You don’t know!”
He rolled his eyes. “I told you. It’s secret. They wouldn’t tell me either. But I know someone who wants it real bad.”
“I thought they wouldn’t let it off planet?”
He nodded. “Don’t worry yourself.”
Six days later, we stole the ball, and an accident happened.

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    Valerie Daum about 7 years ago

    Part of an ongoing drabble series. Each complete, but creating a larger whole.

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    Chris Walker about 7 years ago

    Looking forward to the next episodes!

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