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Long ago, a hyena was ravenous so he ate the sun.
He was satisfied from the meal.
However, darkness submerge the world.

Animals and humans couldn't see anything.

He noticed his body shined a reddish light.
Everyone found him and demanded the sun back or cut him open to free it.

The hyena hasted to eat sticks, leafs, and dirt in order to throw up.
He spit out the sun and something else emitting a light.

The hyena sneaked away as both man and beast distracted by the dim sphere.

To this to day, the hyena always had a smirk.

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    Jamie Clapperton over 2 years ago

    Enjoyed this very much . Feels like a ancient tribal myth. :-) Welcome to drablr.

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    Steve Williams over 2 years ago

    Thanks Jamie. I love reading and talking about myths. This is my way to express my passion. I really enjoying this website. I want to check out your stuff.

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