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University of Middle England #5


Over the coming weeks you may see some specialist contractors taking measurements of the massive void presently occupying the site of the missing Experimental Mathematics building. Some students and staff have been alarmed by the protective suits and respiratory equipment worn by these contractors, however we would like to assure everyone that this equipment is entirely precautionary and is simply a standard procedure for anyone working in an area of high ionising radiation. The void is entirely safe but should not be approached under any circumstances as the area has been designated a nature reserve under the UME rewilding programme.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Terrific series! It has such potential. I’m already imagining the areas it might go.

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    Jamie Clapperton 6 months ago

    Suppose it's nice they've made it a 'Nature reserve', but I'd I'd be scared to look into it in case it 'also looked into me.' ;-)

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