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The Ghosts of Generation X #1


The ghost of a 48 year old man, killed by a hit and run deliveroo driver, haunts St Lukes Primary school playground. He is often seen at dusk, wandering back and forth with his eyes cast downwards. It is said that he is searching for the lightsaber that once belonged to a Luke Skywalker figure he received as a Christmas present in 1982. Despite being told to leave it at home, he sneaked it into the pocket of his parka to play with at lunch time, a decision that led to a lifetime of regret when the accessory was lost.

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    Christopher 6 months ago

    Very succinct. So much in just 100 words.

    May I suggest that you follow Neville Hunt? He's another long-timer here at Drablr and a regular poster and reader. I think he would enjoy your drabbles as I do.

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    Speculoos Biscuits 6 months ago

    Thank you Christopher, will do that.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Not sure which is worse, the hit and run or the loss of the lightsaber.... Maybe I do, because coming to terms with the latter clearly takes more than a lifetime.

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