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Phone Shop #2


"You have bad signal on this phone" said the woman in the shop, handing it back to me with the screen now repaired. I couldn't place the accent, maybe Eastern European. I said something about changing network. "This will not help", she shrugged "It is a curse, I can remove for you….for this phone will be £12.99"

I didn't think she literally meant a curse but once I'd paid she rummaged in some drawers and pulled out a broken pair of ear buds, the wires carefully knotted and twisted. "Plug into phone when you charge tonight then bury in ground".

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    Christopher 6 months ago

    This is interesting.

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    Michael Cook 6 months ago

    This actually made me laugh out loud!

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Fascinating! Like your Eastern European English; very authentic... I can hear her in my head! But I hope she doesn’t realise or maybe I might need to cough up £12.99 myself...

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