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They said I was lucky to only ingest a small piece of that rotten potato. A bit more and I would be history. They also urged me to be more careful with my food choices and to remember about my classy family pedigree.

Obviously, I felt ashamed, but this vegetable smelled so enticing that it rendered me mentally incapacitated.

So, the next morning when I spotted its remnants on the ground, I happily sank my teeth into the dark, half-decomposed mushy flesh and slurped the whole thing at once.

They say all dogs go to heaven. Hope they're right.

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    Olga Klezovitch almost 9 years ago

    Yeah, this story is about my classy, always hungry, purebred yellow lab who will eat whatever she can reach for. Although she is still alive (thanks to my vigilance)...

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    D.M. almost 9 years ago

    So crazy, our sheepdog would eat socks.

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    Rodindeadpan almost 9 years ago

    Great drabble and welcome!

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    T. Willemann over 8 years ago

    Not a dog owner myself, but I’m sure that’s a pretty accurate account of what goes on behind those big brown eyes. Nice drabble.

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    Neville Hunt over 8 years ago

    I bet it's feeling ruff-ruff!

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