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This is nothing to talk about. Many are silent. Shake their heads. This is a country that scores high on the happiness index, a country of few psychiatrists, where suicide hotlines shut down from underuse, where counselors become matchmakers instead. What to believe in an atheist state. The old believe they have three sons: the Medicine Son, the Rope Son and the Water Son, suicide by pesticide, hanging or drowning. These are reliable sons. There are no others here, gone to the city, or gone. What to do when you turn grey, alone and unable 'to taste the tea. '

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    Iarwain Olofsson over 4 years ago

    I admire your selection of topics. You always have a good point in your writing.
    Just great.

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    Neville Hunt over 4 years ago

    Hear, hear! I agree with Iarwain. I really like the way you source your stories, D.M. and then drabblify them.

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    Julie over 4 years ago

    You source stories that give us food for thought and drabblify (nice word, Neville!) them beautifully.

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    D.M. over 4 years ago

    Thank you so very much for reading and commenting.

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