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In the dark, a drunken man slips into a crater by the road. Accidentally, the repair crew fill it with gravel and asphalt, then smooth it over with a roller.
Police dig up the road when someone reports seeing the hand.
The road is paved again. The funeral procession must travel this way
and the man's friends and family must travel back the same way. The asphalt smell is strong in the afternoon sun, the edges soft. This is the road that needed repair, that people complained about. Now it is cursed. His name
surfacing with every mishap, every casualty.

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    Neville Hunt about 8 years ago

    This is a very strong drabble. It chills with the thought of being buried alive. I can almost smell the asphalt! Excellent.

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    D.M. about 8 years ago

    Another item in the news. Some things you just can't make up... Thanks all!

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    Julie about 8 years ago

    I read the news item. What a shocking and rather gruesome way to die.
    You've done a great job capturing the story here, D.M.

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    Melanie about 8 years ago

    Oh wow!

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    Olga Klezovitch about 8 years ago

    Another reason to drink in moderation...

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