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Some things shouldn't be seen. What can be seen, can't be unseen. And yet to see the true face of the executioner holding a knife in his left hand, the man with the accent who makes demands of the world. Long fingers that clench the knife, clutch coins, cast crumbs from a mouth that will not be satisfied. They are cold, are warm, raising a steaming cup to uncompromising lips. These fingers that conceal the face, open and close, fall asleep and wake; are known by their clasp and release, clean the knife, cast long shadows in a hardened place.

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    Elizabeth O. Smith about 9 years ago

    A strange yet satisfying Drabble! I liked the imagery it invoked and the rhythm of the words.

    This "coffee as yet too hot" is worded a little strange. Maybe "coffee, black, is too hot" or something similar would fit better?

    Great job :)

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    D.M. about 9 years ago

    Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I will work on that.

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    Horrorshow about 9 years ago

    Superior prose found here. This is very good indeed.

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