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The Eternal Night #86


I put my foot in the doorway to stop him from completely closing it.

"No, sir," I said quickly, "I'm a reporter for Screen Time. This is my photographer, Bobby Hilton. We understand your daughter's engaged to William Sperry of the soon-to-be resurrected Paragon Pictures and we wanted to ask a few questions."

He looked down at my foot, then back up at me, "I don't know anything about Mr. Sperry other than she's engaged to him."

"No, sir, we wanted to find out about your daughter."


"Because Mr. Sperry bringing back Paragon is a big deal."

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    Neville Hunt 6 days ago

    Sounds pretty fishy to me! You might have to try harder than that guys!

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    Christopher 6 days ago

    Yeah, it's a pretty flimsy pretense.

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