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Here's a list of Dicks I would take with me to a desert island and why:

Dick Clark - if you're a lifelong fan of rock & roll like I am the chance to pick the brain of someone who was there in the beginning would be invaluable.

Dick Nixon - I would love to know what really went on regarding the Watergate break-in.

Dick the Lionheart - Richard 1, unlikely King of England, a great warrior who led his own army at the age of 16.

Moby Dick - It would mean I wouldn't have to fish for a really long time.

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    Christopher 25 days ago

    This was inspired by something Neville said recently about the radio program Desert Island Discs. I'm still working on my drabble of what music I would take with me to a desert island, but this seemed easier.

    It also opens up a whole slew of possibilities like Desert Island Ducks and Desert Island Desserts.

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    Christopher 25 days ago

    And I'm not a drinker but Neville could probably quite easily do Desert Island Draughts, where he lists what beers he would take!

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    Neville Hunt 25 days ago

    Well then Christopher... the gauntlet is thrown down eh? I’ll see what I can do... 🤔

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    Jamie Clapperton 18 days ago

    I might take Moby Dick the novel , though even on a desert Island it might not get finished... Might use the time to catch up on peoples' longer drablr stories. ;-)

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