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"What do you think of these?" Batman asked as he stepped out of the changing room in a pair of gray tights.

"Well," Superman replied, "I like the color but they're too tight. You look like you have a Bat-flashlight shoved down the front! What d'you think of this cape?"

Batman looked. "I thought your capes were red. That one is chartreuse!"

"I'm thinking of going with a new color scheme," Superman said.

Robin opened the clothing shop's door.

"Hey, the Batmobile's double-parked out here!"

Batman sighed, "Hey, Pierre. Put this and the cape on my tab, willya?"

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    Christopher 6 months ago

    I often wondered where superheroes got their costumes. They can't all be seamstresses and make them themselves. So maybe this explains it.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    I too have wondered about superguys odd garb. Those tight underpants can’t be good for virility, surely? (OK, OK, Christopher, I’ll stop calling you Shirley!)

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