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Well...we had a good run. We fought for freedom and democracy across the globe. We fought, bled and died to defeat tyranny, oppression and dictatorships.

Who would've thought that when the United States of America was finally brought down it wouldn't be by foreign enemies but domestic ones?

We've just become a third-world country, where one party is allowed to break the law in full view and no one does anything.

Nothing means anything anymore. Any faith I had in any of man's institutions has evaporated.

You succeeded, assholes.

The bullet has entered my brain. I love Big Brother.

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    Christopher 20 days ago

    For future reference...

    If you vote for a drabble here and then take it away again it still doesn't take away the notification to the author that you voted for it.

    But getting rid of votes seems to be the new norm, so I'm not surprised.

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    Jamie Clapperton 18 days ago

    Noted. That last line is making me a bit nervous. Politics aside, hope you're bearing up well within yourself. 🐝

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    Jamie Clapperton 18 days ago

    Anyway Criristopher I'm off to catch up with your music recommendations.. ☺

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