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Someone is always looking for an Angle in Geometry Town. Though they may act Square, the residents can run Circles around any Parallel town. And no one is outside of their Sphere of influence. But the people of Geometry Town are always Right and Straight.

So, if you're looking for a Point on the map to visit, hop on a Plane and come catch some Rays in Geometry Town. You may find after a Protracted period that you never want to leave.

Sorry if the Arc of this drabble seemed a bit Obtuse. It's just a bit of a Tangent.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Very conical!🤣

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    Jamie Clapperton 8 months ago

    Clever and fun but I wouldn't want to live there, hated Maths. 😀 🐝

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    Christopher 8 months ago

    Thanks, Neville and Jamie. I started off okay but ran out of geometry terms and had to look some up to finish the drabble! I had the first and last paragraph but had to find some more terms to do that middle bit.

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    Drew Martyn 6 months ago

    Haha laugh out loud funny, very clever too :) Nice one!

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