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The Littlest Client #101


"Since he came back to Los Angeles he's only contacted me twice. Once the day he got back and then once the day I met Jake."

"And did you tell him that Katie hired me to find him?" I asked.

She nodded.

"What did he say?" Harrigan asked.

"He just swore and said it would only interfere with his plans."

"His plans for what?" I asked.

"For trying to convince David, Michael and Ricky to help him take down Gallagher. Max knew what Gallagher had done to them all because of him and he wanted to help them get revenge."

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    But Max, that’s no excuse for trying to bump off good ole Jake, who’s being really nice to little Katie! Jail for you if you get caught! Deffo!

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