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The Littlest Client #94


Barbara shook her head, "He wasn't going there to kill them, Jake. He was going there to see if they would help him take down Duncan Gallagher."

"So," Harrigan said, "you have had contact with him?"

"Just over the phone," she said.

"We need to know the whole thing, Barbara," I said. "From the moment Max dropped off Katie."

She leaned back, rubbing the tears from her eyes.

"Max dropped Katie off that night because...something...bad...went down," she said.

"We know about the jewelry job for Gallagher, Miss Bennett," Harrigan said.

She frowned. She knew she had to tell it all...

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    Neville Hunt 5 months ago

    ...and tell it fast! (The golden rule for dealing with PR crises, as I tell my students. Tell it all and tell it fast.)
    Ms Bennett... you must realise that Jake Randolpe is a good guy after he’d been so nice to Katie, so you’d better tell the truth. D’ya hear?

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    Christopher 5 months ago


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