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He looked at the Earth clock.

It's just after 8 am at our house. She'll be getting up about now, Tom thought.

Of course, she's probably been awake all night. She probably knows they lost contact with me.

He gazed out the porthole. Earth looked like a tiny blue marble now.

He'd tried to repair the failed circuit but it was no use. The vessel was dead, floating in space, further away from Earth.

He looked at the clock again.

8:15 am.

I hope my wife knows I love her very much.

8:16 am.

Yeah, Major Tom thought, she knows...

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    Christopher about 3 years ago

    A little tribute to Bowie and "Space Oddity." I wondered what might have gone through Major Tom's mind after they lost contact with him.

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    Christopher about 3 years ago

    Thanks, Drew. I like the song too.

    The drabble was going to be about an astronaut running out of air in space and then Major Tom came to mind. I tried to touch on different aspects of the lyrics without actually plagiarizing the song.

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