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The Note #1


I rented a secluded cabin in the woods for the summer. I left after just one night.

Upon my arrival I saw a man in the woods, staring at me. I put him down as a hiker, as they were known to frequent this area. I waved at him and he waved back.

After dark I went out to smoke a cigar and look at the stars and I again saw the same man in the woods, just staring at me. I waved again, only this time he didn't wave back. He just disappeared into the blackness of the woods.

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    Neville Hunt over 1 year ago

    Oh dear... what’s coming next?

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    Jamie Clapperton over 1 year ago

    Have I half guessed or not? Oh the creepy anticipation,,,

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    Frenchie over 1 year ago

    Oh oh! creepy indeed. I love the suspense.

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