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Rather than being concerned with feces in the streets or rampant homelessness or a skyrocketing crime rate, liberal city officials in San Francisco are engaging in their own brand of Orwellian Newspeak. They are rebranding "convicted felons" with the more whitewashed term "justice-involved persons."

Yes, that's right. Convicted pedophiles, rapists, and murderers are now just unfortunate souls who were involved in the justice system. So, don't try to get at the root of what puts folks in prison, let's just give them a shiny new title, like previously owned car instead of used.

Elections have consequences, San Francisco voters.

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    Neville Hunt 10 months ago

    Food for pc thought there Christopher. ‘Previously owned’ is taken to extreme round here where some folks use the term ‘previously loved’ 🤮

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    Christopher 10 months ago

    Yeah, they use that term here too.

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    omg "justice-involved"? Not that I object overmuch to the idea, just the name. Aren't we all "justice-involved" to a great extent.
    I love Dick Hedd though, he makes me laugh.

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    Thanks, Drew. He says all the things I don't necessarily want to endorse with my own name. But San Francisco has turned into a shit hole, along with other California cities, thanks to Democrat rule. They're like a bad version of King Midas. Everything they touch turns to crap. But that doesn't mean I'm endorsing the opposing party either. I think both parties are full of more criminals than a prison.

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    Drew Martyn 9 months ago

    I'd be inclined to agree Christopher. Our government at the moment is questionable, individually and collectively. I really have the feeling that politicians years ago were more principled and had greater gravitas and intelligence than those today, but I could well be wrong. Perhaps they've always been out of touch with the population (the Harrow/Eton mob anyway).

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