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Tiki Moon #336


I managed to wrestle control of the shotgun from the ugly dude and had the barrel under his chin. I had a split-second to make a decision to spare this guy's life and try to deal with him and Stan North, or just end this pathetic loser's existence. But the decision was made for me.

The ugly dude tried to grab the gun from me, causing me to pull the trigger. His head exploded all over the warehouse's third floor. Flecks of brain, blood and bone matter splattered me in the face.

I had a violent urge to puke...

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    I would have puked myself. Almost doing so into my breakfast cereal in fact 🤮

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    Christopher 12 months ago


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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Oof!! Not a good way to go, but very cinematic! He died for a good cause :)

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    Christopher 12 months ago

    Thanks, Drew.

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