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Tiki Moon #328


"There's a warehouse a few blocks down the road that houses some of our construction equipment," she said. "It's down this road," she said, pointing. "The building number is 117."

"That must be where Scarlett's being held," I said. "As soon as Detective Harrigan gets here send him down there. Will you be okay here with Morty?"

She looked at Morty and then back at me, "Yeah, we're just going to have a nice little chat here. And if he moves I'll blow what little brains he has right out of his skull."

I nodded and jumped in my car...

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    ...and from the impression I get of Deborah, Jake, you got off lightly with a slap in the kisser!

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    Christopher 12 months ago


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