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Tiki Moon #324


"You're just asking for it, Randolph," Nick said as he pointed the gun at me. "But, I have other plans for you."

"I have plans for you too, Nick," I said, "but they all end with you in a pine box."

He laughed as a car pulled into the construction site. I was praying to God it was Harrigan. It had gotten too dark to see what kind of car it was, and the headlights were shining in our eyes.

A figure got out of the car and walked in front of it, partially obscuring the beam of the headlights...

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    Ooh! This is unexpected...

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    Christopher 12 months ago

    Yeah, this is part of that new ending that demanded I write it.

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    It knew best! 📖

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Gotta be Jim.... please :)

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