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Tiki Moon #247


The elevator came to a stop and the little guy said, "Second floor."

I looked down and saw he had a wedding ring on. How his wife put up with his irritating voice was beyond me.

I got down to Scarlett's apartment and knocked on the door. It was almost 1 am.

I had to knock several times and finally heard "Just a minute" come from the other side.

The door swung open and Scarlett was standing there all bleary-eyed and adorable.

"Jake!" she said, grabbing me and hugging me. "Everything okay?"

"No," I said. "We've got a problem."

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    She’s gonna need some serious comforting right now Jake. This could be your last opportunity...

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    Christopher 12 months ago

    Maybe Jake will come to the rescue, in more ways than one.

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago


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