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Tiki Moon #244


So that's it. An art gallery that would be a front for money laundering. These guys were apparently into far more than just bribery. But I had bigger worries, like keeping Scarlett alive. I dragged her into this and if something happened to her it would be my fault.

"I can have Scarlett work late tomorrow night at the office," Nick said. "She'd be the only one there."

Stan nodded, "I'll give Mr. Saint a call and have him take care of it."

Sorry, Stanley. Scarlett wouldn't be there alone. I had a score to settle with the Lone Ranger...

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    When he heard they were going to take out Scarlett, Jake saw red.

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    Christopher 12 months ago


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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Very deftly set up, Christopher :)
    Comment of the month, there, I think, Neville :)

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    Christopher 12 months ago

    Thanks, Drew.

    I agree.

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